I3 Update: We’re in the Port!

Thank you all for your patience! We’ve had some shipping delays, but we’ve just gotten confirmation that the Inkromancy 3 decks have reached the port. This is a major step in the shipping process, with some ships being stuck off the port for weeks or months.
From the port, there are a few more steps to get the cards to the backers:
  • Cards go from the port to the forwarding department
  • Cards get shipped to us in MN, USA
  • We package cards with stickers, pins, and other rewards to ship them out
  • Backers will have their rewards shipped before pre-orders
Our goal is to have everything shipped by the end of April. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to make our original delivery date of March at this point, but our goal is to get everything shipped out as quickly as possible once we have the cards.
Shout our to our card printer, New Titan Print for doing everything they can to minimize shipping issues and delays.