I3 Update: We’re in the Port!

Thank you all for your patience! We’ve had some shipping delays, but we’ve just gotten confirmation that the Inkromancy 3 decks have reached the port. This is a major step in the shipping process, with some ships being stuck off the port for weeks or months.
From the port, there are a few more steps to get the cards to the backers:
  • Cards go from the port to the forwarding department
  • Cards get shipped to us in MN, USA
  • We package cards with stickers, pins, and other rewards to ship them out
  • Backers will have their rewards shipped before pre-orders
Our goal is to have everything shipped by the end of April. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to make our original delivery date of March at this point, but our goal is to get everything shipped out as quickly as possible once we have the cards.
Shout our to our card printer, New Titan Print for doing everything they can to minimize shipping issues and delays.

I3: End-of-the-Year Update!

As this year comes to an end, the card printer wanted to let us know they’re on schedule and production is going smoothly. They sent over a couple of photos too!

Surveys will be sent out to Kickstarter backers around the end of January to limit address changes. Our goal is to ship the decks out in March 2022, and we’re still on track for that.

For anyone who missed the campaign, we’re taking pre-orders now on our shop page and Weird Ink Society (our tattoo shop). We’ve also got Inkromancy 2 decks, stickers, and other fun items!

Here are a couple of images with the sheets of uncut cards.


We’ve wrapped up shipping every order we have an address for and are getting the last few stragglers taken care of.

This Kickstarter featured international shipping, which turned out to be a learning process. We managed to figure it out and want to announce that our online shop is now shipping to Canada! The majority of our audience is in North America, so we wanted to give Canadians the opportunity to be part of the action. We finally figured it out!

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Getting Closer Every Day!

Hello Inkromancers!

It’s almost time! We have so much stuff sitting in boxes, waiting to be shipped to you, now we just have to wait for the decks themselves. Once we know the cards are getting closer to being delivered, we’ll send out another update to let everyone know we’re locking down the backer surveys. Until then, you can change your address as needed using these steps:

  • Log into your Kickstarter account
  • Navigate to your Profile page (upper right-hand corner)
  • Click Inkromancy – Tattoo tarot deck under Backed Projects
  • Below “You backed this project.” click View Survey, then Edit Address

As you may have seen on Instagram (@inkromancytarot), we received a few decks by express shipment and the cards look amazing! We can’t wait for you to see them for yourselves!

Check out the Shop Page for tarot decks, stickers, pins, and books (soon).

A limited number of books will be added to the shop soon!

Stay tuned for our next Kickstarter project, Inkromancy 2: Apocalypse featuring new artists from around the world! Go to Inkromancy.com and sign up for the newsletter for updates about the second Inkromancy deck, promotions, and more!

Incromancy Tarot Cards - Create Your Fate

Inkromancy 2021 Cards

The very first Inkromancy Tarot Card Deck is finishing production and should be shipping out in June, if not earlier! In the meantime, plenty of us are stuck at home, so what better time to start on Inkromancy 2021?! We’ve reached out to amazing tattoo artists across the world to get started on the next deck.

This post will show what cards haven’t been assigned to artists yet. Follow along as we get started on Inkromancy 2021!

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Inkromancy 2020 is SUCCESSFUL!!!


Inkromancy Tarot Deck was successfully funded on February 14, 2020! We’re getting everything finalized and starting production in order to get the decks into the hands of our backers.

We’re also getting this website updated for you to be able to shop for decks and other items from the Kickstarter.

Thanks to everyone who supported our project and thanks to the amazing artists who contributed their talent and time!

Inkromancy: Create Your Fate!