We’ve wrapped up shipping every order we have an address for and are getting the last few stragglers taken care of.

This Kickstarter featured international shipping, which turned out to be a learning process. We managed to figure it out and want to announce that our online shop is now shipping to Canada! The majority of our audience is in North America, so we wanted to give Canadians the opportunity to be part of the action. We finally figured it out!

If you live in the US, don’t worry, we’ll have deals coming up for you (sign up for the newsletter). For anyone out there with a small business that has to deal with shipping, we recommend Shippo. We tried a couple different options, but Shippo has been the best. If you have any questions about how we set things up, feel free to reach out.

And if you’re outside of Canada or the US, we’re working on international shipping as well and will have that available soon!

Exciting things are in store for Inkromancy as we get ready for our 2nd deck and Inkromancy apparel. To get the latest news and more discounts, sign up for the newsletter!