Welcome Inkromancy Artists!

Guidelines & Examples

Below are guidelines and examples to help you create your tarot card. The examples have good practices noted in Green, and corrections noted in Red. 

  1. Download the right template for you
  2. Create your art on a different layer
  3. Turn off the Guides before submitting your art
  4. Final size is 12″ x 20″ (3600 x 6000 pixels) to ensure print quality and let you use the same art for prints, posters, shirts, etc.
  5. You can add your signature or social handle to your art inside the Safety Zone
  6. The card name will be added by us after you submit your artwork

(Click images to enlarge)

Download Your Card Template

Available for Procreate, Photoshop, or as a PNG for Any Other Programs

(If clicking the button doesn’t work, RIGHT CLICK and choose SAVE AS or SAVE LINK TARGET AS to download the template file.)

The Inkromancy 6 theme is Monsters & Myths, let that guide you, but feel free to interpret it in unusual and interesting ways.
You don’t have to follow the traditional design of your card, but please represent your card in the art. If your card has a number of objects, please include the correct number of those objects (or interpretations of those objects).
You can use the traditional meanings to inspire you or come up with your own meaning.

For more information on tarot card meanings and symbolism, check out this link. The interpretation is up to you as an artist, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.