Inkromancy Artist Survey

Hi team! Thank you so much for all the beautiful artwork you’ve provided, this deck will be truly spectacular and we are so proud of all of you! This information will be used to promote you on our social media and in print!

Additionally, our Kickstarter is LIVE and going strong!
Things to know about the Kickstarter:
  • The bigger bundles are priced at $20 per deck for you to pre-purchase to resell. The decks retail at $50, which is $30 profit for you on each deck. If you’re able to purchase these through the Kickstarter, that’s the best way to do it!
  • Please share the Kickstarter with your clients! We can’t print the decks unless we meet our Kickstarter goal… and there are lots of great backing options for your clients!
Thank you all again for participating in this project and we can’t wait to get them in hand!
2020 Artist Survey
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Mailing Address (for your special gifts)
This will be used to send you commissions for any sales using your promo code after the Kickstarter is over.
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